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Business Health Check review

The Purpose of a Health Check Report, otherwise known as ‘Forward Planning’ or ‘Road Map’ Report is to ascertain the current fiscal position of your company, its current capacity for projects and production as well as providing options to improve processes and systems, to increase capacity and profitability for the company as well as fulfilling the Directors/Shareholders short term and long term plans.

Since the Lockdowns and other upheavals of the last twelve months many business owners have taken a step back from the day-to-day running…

Three things to remember which can help

Decisions, decisions….!

2020 has seen an unprecedented amount of changes within businesses, and for people within these businesses. Hopefully many of you will have weighed up your options back in the first half of last year, and able to put plans in place to help you manage changes in service delivery and employment due to lockdowns.

Now however, we have seen at least two full lockdowns and plenty of partial lockdowns, and as an advisor one thing I have seen developing is fatigue due to the constant adaptation to the new circumstances, and now of course we have the effects of ‘Brexit’…

These pointers may help you to cope!

Batman and Robin on Zoom Karate!

This post has been a hard one to do, as like most of you I have just heard that we are in Lockdown number 3 and that all the plans for meeting our loved ones after Tier 4 has lifted have been put back (again!).

When feeling down (or whatever you want to call it) everything becomes much harder to do and we all feel less productive and less able to cope with work, families, shopping and basically life!

Also you will have noticed that social media is now full of helpful hints…

This and other excuses which may sadly be a thing of the past!

Bonnie the Boston Terrier at Christmas!

Yes folks it as that time of year again! When all self employed people are trying not to think about the tax returns they still have to file, whilst going out and buying those Christmas presents.

Us accountants brace ourselves for the influx of paperwork we have been asking for over the last few months and waiting for the reasons and excuses why this has not happened in plenty of time — again!

Not everyone is the same though and some reasons are quite understandable, recently I was sent a half eaten statement from a client and it made me…

My Zoom 1–2–1 read like a 1970’s sitcom disaster! If they had laptops, online networking and Zoom in the 1970’s — imagine what the writers would have done with this content!

Laptop on side for quick drying!!

Whether you use Zoom, Teams or Google, accidents can happen when you use technology ….!

The morning started out calm and well planned, both my partner and I were working from home this day and I was to have my meeting in the back office/conservatory, my partner was to have his in the front room, we had our coffees, and were just settling down to starting the calls when…

Should you be told to register your company by a government agency?


Recently it has come to my attention that the Universal Credit Agency is advising sole traders on low incomes (probably due to COVID) to register as a Limited Company and to register a PAYE scheme in order to access Universal Credit or Childcare Credits.

The reasoning is that if they are ‘employed’ and on a PAYE scheme, they are then an employee with payslips which can be easily measured for Universal Credit purposes. …

My Home Office October 2020

The HMRC is encouraging Taxpayers to claim tax relief for working from home.

As you may be aware, from 6th April 2020, employers have been able to pay employees working from home an additional £6 per week, on top of their normal pay.

This pay is designed to cover additional costs for electricity, broadband etc. It is not new however, previously it was £4 per week that the employee could claim for working from home.

However not all employers may have been aware of this, and so presumably neither have their employees.

Are you working from home and not claiming the additional tax relief?

As from the 1st October, the employee can use the HMRC’s own direct portal and claim the relief themselves, which sounds…

How Insurance is still using old statistical data to quote for premiums, maybe now is the time for change?

Business Statistics….

Recently it has become quite evident to me that more and more of our financial options are being directed by statistical data and risk. Financial institutions have spent incalculable amounts of time and fortunes in cash in trying to work out the lowest risk for investments, using statistical data based on location, history and trends.

Recent events, such as the crash of 2008, dramatic changes in buying trends due to technology, and then COVID-19 have rendered a lot of the gathered data obsolete, but worryingly I find that although most banks and lending institutions have now realised that and started…

Ruth Bader Ginsbergs Advice for Living — Inspirational and demonstrates the need for a good support network.


On reading the inspiring article that Ruth Bader Ginsberg wrote for the New York Times in 1993, I was struck by how down to earth and humble she sounded. Proud of her achievements, she notes that they were made possible by the advice she was given at the time, and from various sources. Listening to the advice did not detract from the obstacles that she got over, or diminish her achievements, but rather helped her to make the right decisions and appreciate her options.

We always see our achievements as our own, but others may have climbed it before

I would encourage anyone setting out to climb their own mountain to read this article and…

Asvisors notes

Accountants as advisors is NOT new, we are following a Great Tradition!

Due to the dramatic changes in both the way businesses as a whole, and accountants in particular are working more from home, we are being told that we should embrace software and digital reporting tools to help advise our clients and give added value.

Well some accountants have actually been giving added value as trusted advisors for a very long time! …

Ella M Doherty FCCA

Independent Accountant based in South East England, driven by the desire to help businesses wherever possible.

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